Arbutus Ridge Farms Pennine with Cheddar and Sour Cream

Pennine the thinner stylish version of Penne with diced cheddar cheese, red peppers, onions, celery, herbs with sour cream and dressing. A nostalgic and pleasing alternative.


Pennine (duram wheat semolina, niacin, folic acid, ferrous sulpate, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate), dressing (water, soybean oil, sugar, vinegar, modified corn starch, salt, egg yolk, whole eggs, mustard, spices, colour, potassium sorbate [maintains quality], xanthan gum [thickener], calcium disodium EDTA [maintains flavour], dried garlic), sour cream (milk, cream, modified milk ingredients, modified corn starch, sodium phosphate, carob bean gum, carrageenan, microbial enzyme, bacterial culture), dairy product made with cheddar cheese (water, palm oil, casein [protein milk], cheese [milk, bacterial culture, salt, microbial enzyme, colour], modified corn starch, salt, sodium phosphate, citric acid, sodium sorbate, colour, lactic acid, may contain micro cellulose), red pepper, celery, onion, corn syrup (glucose, sugar, water, molasses, salt, potassium sorbate, caramel colour), salt, pepper.

Contains: Milk, wheat, soy, eggs, mustard

Gluten Free
peanut free