Arbutus Ridge Farms Artichoke and Spinach dip

A chunky dip of Artichokes, Parmesan and Romano cheeses, cream cheese and spinach.  Mild but flavourful, serve cold  with tortilla chips, raw veggie sticks.  Or for simple elegance add crab meat, heat and serve with your favourite dipping foods.


Sour cream (modified milk ingredients, modified corn starch, sodium phosphate, guar gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum, bacterial culture), cream cheese (milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, guar gum, propylene glycol alginate, xanthan gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum) spinach, artichokes (artichokes, water, salt, citric acid, ascorbic acid), Reggianitto and/or Sardo cheese (partially skimmed milk, specific lactic starters, sodium chloride, clotting enzymes, calcium chloride), garlic granules, cayenne.

Contains: Milk

Gluten Free
egg Free
Gluten Free
peanut free